Sump Pump or Interior Foundation Drains - Install in Whitby, ON

A sump pump or interior foundation drain can come in handy for rainy or snowy days, as it gets rid of excess water and prevents it from seeping into the cracks of the foundation. Hire a home service pro to install it properly and help prevent home foundation problems.

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Published: 11/14/2020
HomeStars came in and did a remarkable job. Fast and efficient service. Would recommend to everyone.
Published: 11/18/2020
Great company and staff. Very professional from start to finish. VERY happy with the results Price depends on your finishing but great value for $$
Published: 11/05/2020
I am so happy with the results. Fix Plumbing gave our basement bathroom a brand new life! We needed to take care of the water damage and severe mold that went in the drywall extending into our little son's room...