Brick or Stone Fireplace (Non-Gas) - Repair in Weston, ON

The key to prolonging a wood-burning fireplace's lifespan is routine maintenance - when the fire is out and the ashes are completely cold, homeowners should remove ashes from the firebox. Hire a home service pro to help solve your fireplace problems.

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Published: 11/29/2023
Sam was very professional and did a meticulous job in tuning our gas fireplace. He also completed a carbon monoxide test which is so important to keep the family safe. I highly recommend Toronto Comfort Zone.
Published: 11/29/2023
Jeff did a great job cleaning my fireplaces (20 and 10 years old) and troubleshooting one that had problems staying lit. He explained to me my options to get my units working well again. He was very thorough...
Published: 11/23/2023
Jeff did a fabulous job cleaning our gas fireplace. He gave us several options related to our faulty switch and explained all thoroughly. Gave us advise on insulation and repainting ugly brass. He disabled our BBQ gas line that had...