Basement Drainage Channels - Install in Weston, ON

A wet basement over time can cause serious structural damage to your home. In order to keep your basement dry, install a drainage channel as a waterproofing solution. Hire a home service pro to get it done properly and keep your home foundation intact.

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Published: 11/13/2022
Had a wonderful plumber who knew his stuff. I know I "might" have been able to do it myself, however as usual there were glitches that would have road blocked my success but not with the pro taking care of...
Published: 02/28/2022
After creating the service request Peter called me promptly, I described the issue of our toilet never beeing properly secured since the house was built back in 1995. We didnt think the builder properly installed it. It took us a...
Published: 02/21/2022
Very well done job. They have to change the main water valve of the house and the job was very well done. Great communication with Peter, he keep me posted all time about what time are they coming and after...