Water Treatment & Purification System - Install or Replace in WEST MONTROSE, ON

There are different water treatment and purification systems you can install depending on your household needs - reverse osmosis systems and whole house systems tend to be the more popular options, but they require professional installation.

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Published: 05/28/2020
We've had AJ and DJ from Lodder Brothers out to our house for different issues and these guys are great. They explain everything, are extremely polite and clean up was second to none. I would highly recommend Lodder Brothers.
Published: 06/28/2019
Hired Hammond to drain lines in basement for a Reno. Was told it would take half a day, be labour intensive, and cost $1400.00. Sounded a little high, but was told they would drop the price if it...
Published: 05/30/2019
If you want to get overcharged double the hours than were originally agreed upon, wait for their service man to show up 5 hours later because somebody forgot to make notes on the scheduled service agreed upon over the phone...