Well Pump - Install or Replace in Vanghan, ON

A well pump extracts water from a water well - there are different types of pumps out there, but submersible pumps tend to be the most popular choice. Submersible pumps tend to last 8-10 years before they need to be replaced.

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Published: 06/09/2020
I was very pleased with the excellent customer service from Sewer Squad Plumbing. It started with my call with Amy. Very nice and polite. Amy scheduled my appointment right away. My Tech Vadym arrived on time and was extremely nice...
Published: 07/09/2020
I had a sewage back up coming from the floor drain so I called Tornado Plumbing right away, as Serhiy had come out first in April to snake and camera the work. At the time he did assure me...
Published: 07/05/2020
I requested new piping under my sink as well as unclogging services. Both were quoted to me as a fixed price. The piping was done very quickly, but the project went sideways with the clog, as the original plumbers who...