Basement Drainage Channels - Install in Vanghan, ON

A wet basement over time can cause serious structural damage to your home. In order to keep your basement dry, install a drainage channel as a waterproofing solution. Hire a home service pro to get it done properly and keep your home foundation intact.

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Published: 03/29/2021
I had an estimate for a plumbing project that I could not understand and a horrendous amount from a national chain plumbing company after a sewer back up and hydro flushing of the drain pipes. Being skeptical, I called...
Published: 04/15/2021
What happens if there is an issue with the job? City Wide came back and redid the complete job to the meet the specific details of the contract. It required digging down to the footings to repair the crack...
Published: 03/22/2021
I had a wet basement so I looked her for the top waterproofing companies in toronto. City wide group was by far the most responsive and professional. They gave me a competitive waterproofing estimate compared to others. Chris took care...