Wood Shake or Composite Roofing - Repair in STOUGHT, ON

Wood shake and composite roofs are known to be durable, but severe weather conditions can cause the shingles to become cracked or loose. Repairs are usually pretty straightforward, as loose parts just need to be nailed down and damaged parts can be replaced with new ones.

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Published: 07/23/2020
Over the past six months, I have had two roofing jobs completed by Stewart Roofing. One part of the house is shingled, the other is flat. Kieran’s crew took care of the shingles, Stan’s team looked after the flat...
Published: 07/09/2020
From the first phone call to when the truck left, Stewart Roofing was a pleasure to work with. With our new roof, soffit cut outs in our older home and ventilation system, I am already finding our air conditioner does...
Published: 06/04/2020
I purchased a house two years ago, that had a new roof installed by Stewart Roofing approximately 4 years ago as part of a major renovation project. Over the winter I experienced a minor condensation issue in our attic. I...