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Safety precaution should be a top concern when installing generators - if the generator is placed too close to your home, a faulty generator may cause a house fire and generator exhaust may cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Published: 05/08/2021
Oldish house with multiple DIY efforts to execute wiring and other electrical projects resulted in a jumbled mess at the breaker box and multiple unfunctioning outlets, light switches and lights. Required 2 new panels in two different locations, massive clean-up...
Published: 06/21/2021
Confirmed appointment not show up. Wasting one day off. (priceless) appointment slot 10:00am to 2:00pm Company Email client cannot make it on 1:45 pm. Very disappointed and helpless. Recommend to find another reliable company.
Published: 06/01/2021
My tenants called me and advised that the fridge and freezer stopped working. I called Miele and advised that the earliest a service person is available would be in 2 week's time. I asked if Miele would recommend a company...