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Other than chemicals, pets can help control pest problems at home as well - for example, cats can help catch rats, while dogs can sniff out bed bugs and birds can take care of insects. For a fully controlled method, hire a home service pro to get rid of your pest problem.

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Published: 01/20/2021
A raccoon tore through the aluminum trim to take up residence in my attic above my daughter's bedroom. North Star came the day after my call to install a one way door. The raccoon came back twice to try to...
Published: 01/14/2021
Amazing service - Gancy was very knowledgeable and guaranteed his work. We called around and no one really gave us a warranty for their work. Gancy was efficient and was very kind.
Published: 01/10/2021
Used twice now. First time Gancy laid out lots of rat poison in those big safe boxes to control the many...many rats around my new house and coming from the field out back. Good for two years. ...