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Wooden gutters are aesthetically pleasing but require more maintenance compared to metal gutters - they should be painted or oiled with a sealer at least once a year. To extend the lifespan, you should also maintain the seal of the corners and gooseneck.

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Published: 11/01/2020
Let me preface this review first with a few points about me Homestar readers should be aware of. 1) I've been around the trades for most of my working life. 2) I am a retired former people manager After reviewing this Remember...
Published: 11/08/2020
Severe winds had damaged my siding. It required putting it back in place and putting a small screw to prevent it from opening up again. Also Brian found another partial separation on the other side of the house which he...
Published: 11/07/2020
They were fast. They did an excellent job. I was totally satisfied. The gutter guards they used are a type which has a good reputation.