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If you have a weed problem in your garden, try adding mulch to the soil to block out light that prompts weed growth. After a rainy day, it is easier to pull out the weeds by hand or with a table fork. On a dry day, experts recommend using a hoe to remove weeds instead.

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Published: 12/04/2020
Hard working and dedicated! Tyler has taken care of my yard maintenance for more than 3 years - keeping the weeds at bay and working on expanding the driveway with environmentally friendly paving bricks. Highly recommend his work.
Published: 09/21/2019
My elderly parents paid for grass cutting services. The grass is a foot long in some areas. They haven't shown up in weeks. It's too bad, things started out very well, then they stopped showing up. I would have given...
Published: 01/04/2019
I wanted to take the time to thank djilani enterprise and associated for taking the time to help us for a long and hectic move that was in need of patient strong men.