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If you're wondering what is the difference between drapes or curtains, drapes are usually lined with thick fabric, while curtains tend to be made of sheer fabric. Drapes are usually used in the bedroom to block out sunlight, while curtains are most commonly found in the kitchen.

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Published: 04/30/2021
Our Greely bungalow with numerous windows and the gorgeous outdoor views was not compromised using Krumpers solar blinds while maintaining the much needed energy efficiency in our retirement residence. The professional installation is elegant and provides the required privacy throughout. ...
Published: 04/20/2021
Our blinds have blended seamlessly into our home. Our heating costs are less this year, I can only assume due in part to this addition. We keep them in place 95% of the time and barely notice they are...
Published: 04/18/2021
Experienced our first winter and found that the blinds gave us a sense of wide space with better light. It also gave an appreciation of the outdoors while still in our warm surroundings as one can see through...