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The key to prolonging a wood-burning fireplace's lifespan is routine maintenance - when the fire is out and the ashes are completely cold, homeowners should remove ashes from the firebox. Hire a home service pro to help solve your fireplace problems.

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Published: 06/05/2020
It was a pleasure to have Darren fix my 14+ year-old Carrier central air unit. I came by the TH Oliver office a little after 8 a.m. and the friendly lady told me Darren would come by that very same...
Published: 07/30/2020
I had an AC unit installed at my home by the Direct Air Systems team. They are highly professional and responsive. Jack and his technicians are outgoing and provided me a great customer service. I strongly recommend Air Direct Systems...
Published: 07/26/2020
The AC finally when after 16 years on the hottest day of summer, Jack over the phone was able to quote a price and took the initiative to call the supplier to ensure there was stock available for the unit....