Barbed Wire Fence - Repair in Pottageville, ON

When repairing barbed wire fences, gripple sleeves should be used for handling to ensure safety. Since the process requires meticulous care and a set of equipment, we recommend hiring a home service pro to take care of it.

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Published: 11/21/2019
Thank you Jay and Mariana! They helped us out of a pinch and did a great job. We had hired a fencing contractor/handyman who was unable to do the job, due to illness. I called Jay in early November and...
Published: 10/28/2019
After trying 10 different fence places I had completely given up on fixing my fence. So many companies never showed up or called back. Bristol had someone come to my house with 24 hours of me calling them. Above that...
Published: 09/29/2019
I had the pleasure of meeting the Executives and Crew of Bristol Restorations. I requested a 12x16x8high back deck. I am very pleased to report that I was much impressed by the professionalism and workmanship...