Water Treatment & Purification System - Install or Replace in Port Dover, ON

There are different water treatment and purification systems you can install depending on your household needs - reverse osmosis systems and whole house systems tend to be the more popular options, but they require professional installation.

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Published: 03/26/2020
They send one rep to break your equipment then they send another more senior one to replace it and charge you for it. Don't trust these guys what a rip off.
Published: 03/24/2020
Nimbus has been my favourite water refill station here in Toronto. We’ve been refilling our 18.9 L gallon when nimbus was still at Wilson Avenue, Oakdale is a little bit far but it’s worth a drive.
Published: 03/24/2020
I’ve tried so many different water bottle companies and they weren’t satisfactory to me. I learned about nimbus water from a relative and ever since then it’s the only water I drink. It feels and is more clean and fresh...