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Other than providing a contrast between the wall and windows, an exterior trim can prevent water from seeping into the walls around the windows. Quality wood prices may be increasing, but there are a lot of affordable alternatives, such as engineered wood, fiber cement and plastics.

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Published: 07/20/2021
Exceptional Service and craftsmanship. A solid fence that will last for decades. The most knowledgeable of all contractors I spoke to. Punctual, excellent communication and cleanup. Highly Recommended. Peter
Published: 09/25/2021
Victor and his team were working 30 days at the house building cabinets, bar, basement walnut walls and they were professional and clean. The final result is an outstanding basement with a classy touch on all their work including a...
Published: 06/25/2021
We hired Victor to create a faux chimney with side cabinets and shelves for our electric fireplace and to hang our TV. He was absolutely great! He was knowledgeable, patient, hard-working, skilled and he provided fair pricing and...