Tankless Water Heater - Install in Otonabee, ON

Tankless water heaters have become a popular choice among homeowners, as they are smaller in size and usually have a longer life expectancy compared to conventional water heaters. They also waste less water, as they can provide hot water immediately in their vicinity.

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Published: 05/26/2020
The people at Reliance Home Comfort were very competent, professional, and friendly. I would highly recommend their team. Our story… On Friday during our annual maintenance, it was unfortunately determined that our furnace needed to be replaced. Josh was very clear to...
Published: 05/27/2020
I made this request on Sunday and George responded with an hour. His plumber, Phil, was here on Monday at 1pm, exactly as promised and did an excellent repair to my external plumbing. We also looked at repairing...
Published: 05/09/2020
Our small town has terribly hard water. Reliance installed a new water softener and RO filter for us. We had problems with the RO filtration system and needed someone to confirm whether we also needed an iron filter installed. Reliance...