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As slate is a delicate material, it is generally advised not to walk on slate roofs unless it is absolutely necessary. When conducting repairs, home service pros usually use scaffolding or hook ladders to reach the tiles instead of walking directly on the roof.

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Published: 05/08/2020
May 12, 2020: AM Roofing has responded to my May 8 derogatory review of their service. I am not going to dignify that response by addressing each appalling untruth and outright fabrication contained therein. I stand by...
Published: 05/15/2020
The company name is self-explanatory; they are definitely a good choice for your roofing needs.
Published: 05/14/2020
Quick, excellent job. Pandemic caused havoc in our life and my roof job was postponed because of that. I was afraid the roof won't hold much longer. When Ontario started opening, I was on a priority list of the company...