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Trimming your trees, hedges and shrubs can help increase their longevity, as you can remove diseased parts and prevent them from spreading to a point where removal is mandatory. Please note that removing a tree stump completely can be very costly, as home service pros have to dig deep to discover the tree's entire root system.

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Published: 06/27/2020
Lawnsavers really did save my lawn. I have been with them for almost 5 years and from the time they began, I witnessed our lawn turn full and green from brown and dry. They are very professional and their...
Published: 06/08/2020
Very unhappy. I am a new customer. After first treatment last month, spent 3 hours to take out weeds as my small backyard was still all yellow with dandelion, which my kid is allergic too. I was told no weed...
Published: 05/08/2020
Talk to Morgan!! Anytime I message him he's always available and willing to respond to any queries I have about my lawn. Hes very helpful and tells me what I need to do, but more importantly, what I don't need...