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Strong scents such as peppermint and ammonia are known to naturally repel mice - even moth balls and fabric softener sheets can help to keep those pesky rodents away. However, if the situation gets out of hand, we recommend hiring a home service pro to take care of it right away.

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Published: 06/25/2020
Vlad was very helpful in laying bait stations for the rat problem outside our townhome. There's three things I really appreciated -- 1. how quickly he responded (both for the initial inspection, and once we actually hired him -- one...
Published: 06/29/2020
Gancy is always ready to answer questions, and was thorough and professional in the centipede extermination. So far, no centipedes! Would recommend him to anyone.
Published: 06/27/2020
Had numerous carpenter bees around my backyard shed a month ago. Gancy came and sprayed the areas around the shed where the bees were living. Though there were still a couple buzzing around, he said to wait a...