Lawn and Garden Sprinkler System - Repair in OAKWOOD, ON

Before making any repairs, don't forget to turn off the system first. If the water pressure is unusually low, your pipes may be crushed by tree roots growing around the pipe. Broken sprinkler heads may be easy to detect, but you may have to dig along the water line to detect crushed pipes.

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Published: 06/27/2020
Lawnsavers really did save my lawn. I have been with them for almost 5 years and from the time they began, I witnessed our lawn turn full and green from brown and dry. They are very professional and their...
Published: 06/26/2020
Excellent garden maintenance for the summer, cost effective way, no hassles , is done weekly, very thorough spring clean up Elena
Published: 03/01/2020
This is my third winter hiring Epstein’s snow removal service. The work is thorough and comes as promised. So happy to have this. The team carefully shovels the walkway, sidewalk and driveway right back to garage.