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There are different solutions depending on the size of the hole in the wall - small holes can be patched with painter's putty, while medium sized holes require a drywall metal patch and larger holes require patches made of drywall.

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Published: 02/11/2020
Glen is amazing and efficient!! I came home from work and I noticed water leaking from the ceiling. I was in a panic!! I didn't know what to do. I called Glen, I used him a few years ago as...
Published: 02/09/2020
I cannot believe I was charged over $900. To have them install a hand held shower head and repair about 4 square feet of drywall. His helper spent most of his time outside smoking.
Published: 02/07/2020
Glen has helped me out with several things over the last few years. Floor and carpet repair, a leak behind a wall, replacing deck boards, wall patching, etc. He schedules times that are convenient, has knowledge and experience...