According to experts, spring and early autumn are the optimal times to lay sod. If you lay sod in the summer, you should water it at least once a day in the first few weeks to help with root establishment. Since sod is very vulnerable in the first stage, you should avoid stepping on it.

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Published: 07/23/2021
London Snowplow provided us with a quote for mulch installation at our commercial plaza. Upon approval they proceeded to install fresh mulch in all flower beds in a neat, and timely manner.
Published: 07/22/2021
Excellent workmanship and truly listened to my needs. Have used their expertise on several jobs.
Published: 07/21/2021
I had expected with the hedge removal, the ground would be levelled and prepped for the fence which didn't happen and left a more difficult job after the fact. Some posts were installed out of line and left minor bumps...