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Feng shui is all about creating a sense of balance and harmony within your home - using natural elements like plants and wooden furniture, a feng shui master can bring a positive flow of energy into your home. A home with good air circulation and a lot of natural light tends to have good feng shui.

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Published: 03/17/2021
My Laundry Room turned out amazing! Functions well and looks great. Our renovation was quite extensive but Ivanka and her team made the process enjoyable and seamless. Very professional. IRl provides the whole service from the initial drawing to cabinet,...
Published: 07/30/2021
We are having a new home built and I was overwhelmed with the thought of choosing the interior finishes. Knowing that this would be our forever home, we wanted it to be perfect for us, but also something that...
Published: 07/19/2021
We decided we wanted to do our home in white....there are so many shades of white! We had no idea where to begin and we didn't want it to look sterile or boring. Andrea came in for a...