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Before setting up the wiring in your garage, you should draw a sketch to plan out the location of the work station and electrical appliances. You should also ensure that the power is off before beginning any type of wiring job.

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Published: 02/25/2021
NOLO is the man, his work is amazing. The details in is working is highly recommended. Had to give a tip because this was a great change in my life to have found a contractor that is reliable
Published: 02/22/2021
Worst Experience I have ever had. Great front end, will promise the world, but the complete lack of experience has shown through. We are into 5 months on a job that should have taken less than 6 weeks. Continued promises...
Published: 11/20/2020
Good Job but some things to note that I was a bit bothered with. Electrician that was vetted by Adept didn't clean after himself and left a mess all on my washroom counter and bathtub. Didn't even bring...