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Strong scents such as peppermint and ammonia are known to naturally repel mice - even moth balls and fabric softener sheets can help to keep those pesky rodents away. However, if the situation gets out of hand, we recommend hiring a home service pro to take care of it right away.

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Published: 11/10/2020
I can sleep much better now, it's such a relief. Tiffany & Jim booked me in quickly, they were on time and I haven't seen or felt anything since. If you prep your home well, it also helps improve...
Published: 06/02/2021
We had a loud noise in the walls for a few days. We invited Muhammad from K5 Wildlife Services , he properly inspected the house, had a look in the vent and told us the house was invaded by rat...
Published: 05/11/2021
Same day service done in a professional and humane manner. Mahamat is very friendly and knows exactly what he is doing. Helped get rid of a squirrel nest in our soffits. Thanks for your great service!