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If you're having issues with your pellet or wood stove, try cleaning it to see if this solves the issue. Gas stoves usually burn with a healthy blue flame, but if it burns with an orange flame, this means that there isn't enough oxygen in the air, which is a safety hazard at home.

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Published: 05/13/2020
The brick on my chimney was coming off in layers so I called Devon & he came to take a look at it promptly & gave me an estimate. He gave me three choices as to what to do. The first...
Published: 01/09/2021
Toronto Comfort Zone replaced two gas fireplaces in our home that were out of date and not useable and installed a third gas fireplace by converting a troublesome wood burning fireplace into gas. They sold us quality products at...
Published: 01/09/2021
The main burner in our fireplace would not light after the gas was shut off for the summer (pilot included). I tried a general cleaning but no luck getting it to work. I called Toronto Comfort Zone at the recommendation...