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Although building a brick and stone patio isn't technically complicated, it will greatly shorten the project time if you have a few helping hands. Home service pros can also help plan out an ideal site for the patio by considering factors such as shade, drainage and ground slope.

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Published: 03/31/2021
The staff at Stone Selex was great to work with from the beginning to end of our project! From the stone selection, providing us samples to match and to coordinating the install with Karen, it was a great experience overall!...
Published: 04/14/2021
Great contractor and great team. They were very professional. They gave us a 3D sketch during the quotation, we had better idea of how it would like in advance. Me and my wife love their service. They were awesome!
Published: 04/10/2021
I extended my driveway for an additional parking space, had a flowerbed for my personal planting interest last year. I love their design, and love their service!! Quick response. The workers were also very professional. They finished the project on...