Water Main - Install, Replace or Repair in Hampton, ON

If your sink is shooting out dirty water, there is likely a problem with your water line. Whether you are installing, repairing or replacing the water main, costs will vary depending on the pipe material, the number of obstructions underground and the depth of the water line.

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Published: 01/21/2020
My husband called Roy about the tap in the bathtub running. The repair needed to be done through a wall and they suggested going through the bedroom wall instead of creating a more expensive repair going through the tiled bathroom...
Published: 04/01/2020
Matt did an excellent job in replacing the old washing machine and pipes and replaced them with a brand new washing machine and new pipes. I bought the materials and he did the labor work. His price was helpful. His...
Published: 04/01/2020
Matt did an excellent job in fixing a plumbing leak and patched up a big wall that saved a lot of labor work. The work was very neat and efficient. His price was fair and the new drywall repair with...