Pre-Fabricated Fireplace Unit (Non-Gas) - Repair in Hampton, ON

If you are having issues with your pre-fabricated wood-burning fireplace, experts recommend not using it until it is fixed, as it could pose as a potential fire hazard. Hire a home service pro to help fix your fireplace and keep your home safe.

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Published: 08/11/2020
Such a great experience! -- On a Friday night, In the middle of a heat wave.... and just as we were returning home after months away, our air conditioner decided it was done! -- SALES MANAGER, NIGEL CHARLTON, on a...
Published: 09/15/2020
I liked the product and the service very much. Everything is clear, fast, understandable. We discussed delivery details, checked the order price. Delivered by a transport company as close to home as possible. The check was sent to email. The...
Published: 08/06/2020
We had a wood burning fireplace installed where there wasn’t one before. Josh was Knowledgeable and friendly. He explained all our options and details. Babz was fast to respond with our quotes and booking the install date. The work...