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It is normal for a ceiling fan to move a little when it is running on high speed, but if it is unusually wobbly, there may be an issue with the ceiling blades. To determine the issue, try cleaning the blades or tightening the blade screws.

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Published: 09/07/2020
Jimmy and his team provided a professional clean service that became one of our best experience with a contractor. I would not only recommend his work but having his impute throughout the project gave us a feel good feeling throughout...
Published: 08/31/2020
Jimmy and team are nothing short of fantastic. His communication was prompt and professional, he was able to to get us an estimate on short notice, and also made recommends based on our budget and needs. His workmanship...
Published: 08/12/2020
We would like to thank Jimmy and Brian for a great job they did on our house. It started with a small project but after Jimmie’s advice we decided to extend it to covering most of the house with the...