Tree Stump - Remove in Etobicoke, ON

While you can use a chainsaw to grind out the leftover stump, you cannot completely remove a tree stump with this type of equipment. As tree stump removal is a complicated process that involves several types of equipment, we recommend hiring a home service pro.

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Published: 11/20/2020
We needed tree removal services for a Toronto property for construction purposes that was on a boundary shared with a neighbour. We already obtained permits before hand after many bureaucratic delays! The tree was a White Spruce about 50cm in diameter and...
Published: 12/16/2020
I had a large tree branch that had intertwined over 15 years with a neighbor's tree and was causing their tree to lean and possibly cause future damage to property. It was late fall and apparently, as I...
Published: 12/09/2020
We had a large broken branch that needed to be removed. We reached out to Craig and CB Tree Service. He came out the next day to do a quote and the work was done two days later.. Not...