Traditional Stucco - Install or Completely Replace in Elk Grove, ON

Traditional stucco is a building material made from Portland cement, sand, lime and water. If you live in a wetter condition, traditional stucco may be more ideal for you compared to synthetic stucco, as it is more water absorbent.

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Published: 07/29/2020
Outstanding design and work. David and William are not only professionals but true gentlemen. What a pleasure. The final product is excellent. Highly recommend them. Thank you guy. Joseph Neuberger
Published: 07/22/2020
When was the last time you worked with a contractor that not only met (which is rare enough) but exceeded your expectations? The stucco and beams on our 30 year Tudor were way past their "best by" date and...
Published: 06/25/2020
The outside of our house was in desperate need of painting but also needed stucco repairs. We found the painters but the repairs were not a big enough draw for the stucco people the painters knew. So I...