Bathtub Install or Replace in Drive, ON

There are several factors to consider when replacing a bathtub at home - for example, if your new bathtub is larger than the old one, you may need to replace the existing pipes as well and take these costs into account. Hire a home service pro to help out and put your mind at ease.

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Published: 01/19/2020
Great customer service, helpful explanation of the problem, and solid fix! My faucet is now secure and doesn't keep moving around when in use. highly recommend this company.
Published: 01/22/2020
Had a sink drain that was clogged. Used a plunger for 30 minutes and charged $420. Never gave an estimate. Said it's how much other places charge but when I called local plumbers they would charge half the price. Be...
Published: 12/26/2019
I spent close to 2k for a toilet installation, shower finishing, a vanity installation and a utility sink installation. all just finishing work. the technition had to return a couple of times (which is great) to fix dripping fixtures,...