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For loose tiles, experts recommend warming the tile with a preheated iron so that the remaining adhesive is loosened and the tile can be easily removed. If removed by force, the tile could break. After the tile is warmed up, it can be easily removed with a putty knife.

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Published: 11/18/2020
Mesh, Raj and their team did a fantastic job on our stairs! I though there was no hope and required a whole new set of stairs and they reassured me that it can be refinished and for a reasonable price!...
Published: 11/06/2020
I purchased a home in Pickering that is about 40 years old. Love the bones but my goodness did it need a refresh! The spiral staircase in particular was loose, super noisy/squeeky on each step, and a DIY...
Published: 11/06/2020
This was a project with tight timelines and Ideal Stairs delivered. We changed carpet to hardwood floors, refreshed the stair treads with a sand/stain, changed the railing height and replaced the posts. Mesh and Rajan were a pleasure to deal...