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For laminate floors, there are different solutions for various levels of scratches - superficial scratches on laminate floors can easily be fixed with a little oil, while deep scratches require a little more work with wax sticks.

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Published: 11/18/2020
Mesh, Raj and their team did a fantastic job on our stairs! I though there was no hope and required a whole new set of stairs and they reassured me that it can be refinished and for a reasonable price!...
Published: 11/06/2020
I purchased a home in Pickering that is about 40 years old. Love the bones but my goodness did it need a refresh! The spiral staircase in particular was loose, super noisy/squeeky on each step, and a DIY...
Published: 11/06/2020
This was a project with tight timelines and Ideal Stairs delivered. We changed carpet to hardwood floors, refreshed the stair treads with a sand/stain, changed the railing height and replaced the posts. Mesh and Rajan were a pleasure to deal...