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When mowing your lawn, experts recommend sticking to the 1/3 rule - avoid removing more than one third of the grass blade length. If the grass is cut too close repeatedly, it can result in larger issues, such as injury to the crown.

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Published: 01/11/2021
I have been a customer of Lawn Savers Plant Care for several years and have never had any problem with them.... until now. For the 2020 season, I contracted with Lawn Savers for its basic program which included visits...
Published: 11/02/2020
We're on a regular maintenance schedule, and I'm pleased with Mr. Mow It All every time. The fall clean up was done, and the yard is ready for snow. The service has been great, and we've been using the company...
Published: 10/23/2020
I found this company on the internet when I moved in. I thought this company is so reputable but actually such an unreliable company to use. Very bad mowing company. Job not thorough and inexperienced workers. ...