Dry-rot, Water or Pest Damage - Major Repair in Concord, ON

Excess moisture at home is never a good idea, as it could lead to serious issues like dry rot that can affect the structural stability of your home. If you have dry rot, water or pest damage at home, hire a home service pro to take care of it before it's too late.

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Published: 12/21/2020
We had a sewer back up; United Water Restoration crew came within a few hours to initiate the containment, cleaning and remediation; then they also did the replacement of everything removed. Their crew works really fast, very professional and...
Published: 07/23/2020
We lice in a condo and the gasket failed on the water meter behind the wall. The unit was flooded. PuroClean and Intact Insurance claims adjuster worked quickly and effectively to Approve the work. Entire unit was...
Published: 07/09/2020
We purchased a new home and inherited a mold problem from previous owners. We wanted to know how bad the problem is and whether it needs remediation. Mike came in and did a thorough assessment. He pointed out where the...