Weatherstripping - Install or Replace in Cherrywood, ON

Weatherstripping is the sealing process of windows and doors - it prevents air from leaking and can help save costs on energy bills at home. There are different weatherstripping materials suited for homeowners' needs and weather conditions.

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Published: 10/09/2019
Eco choice came and installed two large windows in an home that was built in 1900, it was a job we had been avoiding. They came and were gone quickly and cleanly and I love my new windows , bright...
Published: 10/09/2019
I met with several of the largest most advertised companies. I heard the usual high-pressure tactics from each. Buy now for a special price or you will never be able to get a deal like this again. The...
Published: 10/06/2019
This was the last of our windows to replace. We are so impressed with everyone we dealt with. Corey is a pleasure to deal with and "knows his stuff." The company answers any questions we have. All of the...