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If you have an ant problem at home, try spraying vinegar in cracks and on countertops several times a day. Experts also recommend storing sweets in tightly sealed containers to avoid attracting ants into your home. Hire a home service pro for a quick solution to your ant problem.

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Published: 11/08/2022
Last spring I had an ant problem in my house. Ruhul came and dealt with it quickly and professionally, instructing me to call him back if the problem wasnt solved. Pretty soon, those ants were gone. Now, I have a...
Published: 11/26/2022
Did a great job solving the rodent issue. In addition he was always on time, kind and helpful.
Published: 11/07/2022
I had a pest eating the wood in my house, I thought it was termites. I called him, Joe was very calm and easy to work with. He offered to come out for an assessment and I could also send...