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An attic fan shakes or rattles when it is not getting enough air. To solve this problem, home service pros recommend installing a window at the attic, so that you can open it and allow natural air flow. Please note that the window should be installed at least 30 feet away from the fan.

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Published: 06/21/2021
Confirmed appointment not show up. Wasting one day off. (priceless) appointment slot 10:00am to 2:00pm Company Email client cannot make it on 1:45 pm. Very disappointed and helpless. Recommend to find another reliable company.
Published: 06/07/2021
We are very satisfied with the service done by Max. Exellent, very professional and friendly. Arrived on time Customer Service also excellent, I was able to book appointment within 24 hours. Thank you very much.
Published: 05/28/2021
The fan hood over my stove was making awful noises and not working properly. This company responded to my voice message very quickly and had a repair person at my home the next day. It was determined that we needed...