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When mowing your lawn, experts recommend sticking to the 1/3 rule - avoid removing more than one third of the grass blade length. If the grass is cut too close repeatedly, it can result in larger issues, such as injury to the crown.

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Published: 05/27/2021
This is my third season with Lawn Savers. My lawn was in terrible shape before, now it is looking so much better. Their tips on watering and mowing height have also helped. It is getting thicker and greener every...
Published: 06/10/2021
I wish I didn’t have to come here and leave this negative review. Eliyahu is seemingly a pleasant man, appears knowledgeable. I have extended every benefit of the doubt, and here I am, at a loss. They don’t...
Published: 01/12/2021
We Had a small City Pear tree pn our lawn waiting to be replaced VERDANT took the initiative to excavate the area around it and fill with red woodchips Looked great. Only paid for the material. Ps .The City finally...