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Upgrade your plumbing by switching to a modern plumbing option like PVC, as it helps with maintenance and rerouting in the future. When planning the plumbing for a bathroom remodel, experts also recommend tying the bathroom sink, bathtub and shower stall into an existing branch drain in order to save on labour costs.

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Published: 05/11/2021
We had to replace our entire kitchen island due to faulty plumbing (not by these guys!) and required all fittings disconnected prior to installation and replaced afterwards. Jordin took the job, and on both days was here on time, did...
Published: 06/13/2021
Part 1 :In April I used my protection plan to have a routine service done, my AC was on at the time and working perfectly. The Reliance mechanic came, he seemed upset with his job, but friendly to me. He...
Published: 06/07/2021
4 days without hot water. Eight calls to customer service. One technician who had never worked on a boiler before. One technician shows up 2 hours late, even with a five hour window. Two missed appointments. Still no hot water...