Synthetic Stucco - Install or Completely Replace in Carlisle, ON

If you're wondering whether you have a traditional or synthetic stucco exterior, go to the outside of your home and knock on the walls. If they sound hollow, they're most likely synthetic stucco walls, as traditional ones should sound like brick walls.

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Published: 07/29/2020
Outstanding design and work. David and William are not only professionals but true gentlemen. What a pleasure. The final product is excellent. Highly recommend them. Thank you guy. Joseph Neuberger
Published: 07/24/2020
I hired Grand Stucco team to work on my window (wood frame was rotten). They are very friendly and professional. The job was done well and fast. Thank you guys! I recommend this team.
Published: 07/23/2020
Grand Stucco Excellence at its finest ! After meeting and researching several stucco companies I am so pleased I decided to hire Grand Stucco for my project. The wood frame around my windows were rotting and the front porch...