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Other than providing a contrast between the wall and windows, an exterior trim can prevent water from seeping into the walls around the windows. Quality wood prices may be increasing, but there are a lot of affordable alternatives, such as engineered wood, fiber cement and plastics.

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Published: 12/29/2020
Had my kitchen painted and prestige was with me every step of the way. From picking a design to making sure the jobs done right i was very satisfied and Will definitely go back
Published: 07/04/2020
We had used Miskas 6 yrs ago in our old house when I was updating the baseboards / crown throughout the house and now that we have moved to Georgetown we purchased another whole set of baseboard and crown. ...
Published: 02/28/2019
We bought our shiplap wood siding from Marta and her team. They selected our wood, stored it until we were ready and helped load it into the truck--all 3500 linear feet of it! Can't say enough about their...