Sewer Main - Install, Replace or Repair in Caledon East, ON

Sewer mains are very important and require proper installation - costs will vary depending on the housing type, the distance to a connector line, potential obstructions underground and pipe materials. Hire a home service pro to take care of your sewer main needs at home.

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Published: 11/01/2020
Last year after finding that the main line in our basement rental was blocked, we contacted sewer squad looking for quotes and some ideas as to what could be causing the issue. Phil got back to me right away, and...
Published: 11/10/2020
Leaking showerhead turned out to require the pipes to be replaced. Jonathan did an excellent job quickly, efficiently and for a fair price. It was done from start to finish in under four hours which was truly amazing. I would...
Published: 11/10/2020
Had a leak from a shower, water all over my new Reno beneath it. Every contractor I spoke to insisted they would have to open up the ceiling to see the source of the water. Bosco sent a nice lad,...