Sump Pump or Interior Foundation Drains - Install in Bronte, ON

A sump pump or interior foundation drain can come in handy for rainy or snowy days, as it gets rid of excess water and prevents it from seeping into the cracks of the foundation. Hire a home service pro to install it properly and help prevent home foundation problems.

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Published: 07/07/2019
Steve and his team did an amazing renovation to our mudroom! This small space was in terrible condition and contained our electrical panel, and was an add-on renovation added to the house in approx the 60s-70s. The original plan was...
Published: 05/14/2020
After experiencing a bad back-up in my basement, I called out Anta to clear the blockage. They managed to clear the blockage, all while working impressively cleanly! (a task that may seem impossible if you saw what my basement looked...
Published: 05/11/2020
Water Softener Installation Up-Sell: Over the phone, I was given a range of $350-$420. After providing all the information along with pictures of the water softener, the pipes, etc., the lady confirmed that it is a basic job and should...