Bathtub Install or Replace in Bridgenorth, ON

There are several factors to consider when replacing a bathtub at home - for example, if your new bathtub is larger than the old one, you may need to replace the existing pipes as well and take these costs into account. Hire a home service pro to help out and put your mind at ease.

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Recently Reviewed Bridgenorth Bathtub Install or Replace

Published: 11/14/2020
HomeStars came in and did a remarkable job. Fast and efficient service. Would recommend to everyone.
Published: 11/10/2020
They had a very quick response time and were at our home looking at our toilet very quickly. Our toilet was running consistently, which was annoying but not a huge deal. We figured it was an easy fix. They came...
Published: 10/04/2020
George came in such short notice to fix our completely ceased and dripping faucet on our laundry tub. He came completely prepared, was so professional and was able to save us a lot of money by actually repairing the faucet...