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If your metal roof is new and unpainted, experts recommend waiting at least 6 months before applying paint on it. Before painting, the roof should be cleaned with a power washer to get rid of existing dirt, mold or oils that may affect the coat of paint.

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Published: 11/28/2020
Michael was very responsive, knowledgeable,accommodating and efficient from the first contact through to the completion of the job. The crew was skilled and professional and did a perfect cleanup afterward. I highly recommend this company.
Published: 11/18/2020
Fast, reliable and friendly staff. Our roof was made just in a day. Bin was removed the day after the work was done. I am really impressed on how fast they work. Roof looked neat and they cleaned the mess....
Published: 11/18/2020
Thank you very much Fabiola for your quick response and scheduling the roof repair the next day after my call. Thank you very much Bob for the good job you have done in a professional manner. I definitely will recommend...