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Fun fact: the optimal weather for cleaning windows is actually a dry and cloudy day, since the cleaning solution can dry quickly on a sunny day, leaving streaks that are hard to remove on the windows. Experts also recommend using microfiber cloths to dry the windows.

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Published: 09/28/2020
This company is in it to win it and they will give you great, prompt and careful service and very clean windows. Their very talented cleaner - a kind of Window Picasso imo - took great care with the bad...
Published: 10/23/2020
I am very happy with the job done by the ladies that come to help me clean. On top of being great at their job they are polite and great to deal with. If I ever need help on short...
Published: 10/21/2020
I have been using Eco Sparkle bi weekly to clean my house for about a year and a half. They are polite, punctual, professional, and reliable. I would recommend to others